What is Elite Maternity?

We recognize the loyalty of our female Elite Members who are not able to fly with the same frequency as before, due to their pregnancy. As an Elite member benefit, Avianca extends for an additional period, the current Elite level of our member at the moment of giving birth.

For example, if the LifeMiles member status in 2016 is “LifeMiles Silver Elite” and it expires in February 2017 and the baby was born on November 1st 2016, she can contact our Call Center to request the benefit in order to enjoy all the LifeMiles Silver privileges until February 2018. 

What must be considered?

  • The customer must be an Elite LifeMiles member (Silver, Gold or Diamond) at the birth of the baby
  • The request of this extension has to be done by calling the Avianca Call Center and having the child’s birth certificate at hand and scanned to send it to our agent.

Terms and Conditions

  • Apply for LifeMiles Elite members (Silver, Gold and Diamond).
  • Benefit can only be requested by Elite member and not through intermediaries.
  • The benefit of this policy is exclusive for the status and does not award any miles or segment bonuses.
  • The validity of the level obtained through this policy maintains the same status conditions of the Elite program awarded by LifeMiles.
  • This policy does not apply in the event of illness, accidents or similar.
  • The member who applies this benefit will receive a notification informing her the validity of the next period.
  • Elite Maternity Policy benefit is personal for the member who receives it and is not transferable for any reason.
  • Avianca reserves the right to, at its own discretion and without any obligation to compensate the Elite member, (A) modify at any time and with future effectiveness the conditions that the Elite member must fulfill to receive the Elite Maternity Policy benefit and (B) cancel the Elite Maternity Policy benefit as such.
  • No benefit or other term of the Elite Maternity Policy affects the rights of Airlines to modify the conditions and benefits that correspond to the LifeMiles Silver Elite, LifeMiles Gold Elite or LifeMiles Diamond Elite memberships in any way, or other rights of the Airlines or LifeMiles under these Terms and Conditions.
  • Avianca reserves the right not to deliver or to revoke the Elite Maternity Policy benefit at any time, at the Airlines’ discretion and without resulting in the obligation to compensate the member, including, without limitation, in cases of fraud, noncompliance and/or violation of any of the terms and conditions of the LifeMiles program, irregular behavior, falsehood or bad faith on the part of the member for the use or to obtain the benefits of the LifeMiles program or harmful acts towards the Airlines and/or their affiliates or subsidiaries; as well as any act of verbal and/or physical abuse against any of the collaborators, directors and/or agents of said entities, in any case at the Airlines’ discretion; as well as all other cases that according to these Terms and Conditions allow suspending or cancelling participation or freezing a client’s account on the LifeMiles program.
  • In addition to not delivering or revoking the Elite Maternity Policy benefit, Avianca may cancel the member´s current account on the LifeMiles program as well as any future participation within said program.

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