Welcome to LifeMiles

Welcome to LifeMiles

Welcome to LifeMiles, and a web-site that has been designed to help you clearly understand, and get the most out of your new frequent flyer program (FFP)!

As you may have experienced, it isn’t always easy to understand FFPs. Even for industry insiders, the many rules and policies that comprise frequent flyer programs can be confusing, even frustrating.

At the same time, FFPs represent a big investment for airlines. However, investment in an FFP like LifeMiles only has a return if members understand, use, and enjoy the program.

For both of the above reasons, we’ve put a lot of thought into how this web-site can help you to get the very most out of LifeMiles. Please take some time to explore the site a bit. Some of the highlights we hope you’ll enjoy include:

  • Program Comparison Tool (see Tools & Tips section): Through clear and objective comparisons to the former DISTANCIA, AviancaPlus, and other leading programs, this tool makes it easy to learn how LifeMiles is new & different (& we think better!)
  • LifeMiles Optimizer Tool (see Tools & Tips section): The more you use LifeMiles, the better for you and for us! This tool is designed to teach you how to maximize your mileage earning, so you can also maximize your mileage enjoying!

With you, the member, in mind, we’re aiming to make LifeMiles the best frequent flyer program in the industry. We may not be there yet, but we’re convinced that we’ve taken a big step forward. We hope you’ll be convinced and pleased too!