1. What is LifeMiles?
    LifeMiles is the unified and improved frequent flyer program for Avianca and TACA. LifeMiles has been designed to be different and better than AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA, as well as versus other competitive programs.

  2. Why consolidate AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA into one, improved, re-branded program?
    It's easier for the customers of Avianca and TACA to only have one set of frequent flyer policies to learn and understand. The same is true for our employees, as well as commercial partners such as agencies. At the same time, by taking the best of both AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA, and then adding on various further improvements, we can offer the customers of Avianca and TACA a truly world-class program. This is a great example of how we believe customers are winning as a result of the Avianca and TACA alliance.

  3. What changes does LifeMiles bring?
    From obvious changes such as the name, and the look and feel of the program’s marketing materials, to other changes that are more important to our members. We hope LifeMiles will be appreciated for more generous policies, improved processes, better web-site functionalities, and many other improvements.

  4. When will membership cards, Elite program benefits, and other elements of AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA be valid until?
    After launch, there will be a period of at least a month, while new membership cards are being distributed, during which AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA cards will be honored, but in order to access the improved LifeMiles policies (not the old policies of AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA).

  5. Do passengers that are AviancaPlus and/or DISTANCIA members automatically become LifeMiles members?
    Yes. Since in effect we are re-naming AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA to LifeMiles, and then harmonizing their policies under one common set of policies, existing members of both programs will automatically be LifeMiles members.

  6. Do I have to pay to become a LifeMiles member?
    No. Being a LifeMiles member is free and there is no cost to stay in the program. That said however, the only way to get value out of LifeMiles is to use the program. Accordingly, we hope that all LifeMiles members will earn miles regularly, and use them for any of hundreds of redemption reward options.

  7. As an AviancaPlus Elite, or a DISTANCIA HORIZONTE, will I have the same benefits and the same status as I currently do in LifeMiles?
    Though the LifeMiles Elite status names are different than they are in AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA, members who qualified for the top elite tier in AviancaPlus will also qualify for the top elite tier in LifeMiles. The same is true for DISTANCIA members, and for each different elite tier. In terms of the benefits associated with the different elite statuses, they will generally be substantially improved.

  8. What are DISTANCIA and/or AviancaPlus miles worth in the new program?
    The miles that AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA members had in their accounts when LifeMiles was launched were consolidated within LifeMiles on a “one for one” basis. Accordingly, if you had 10,000 miles in your account just before LifeMiles was launched, then you will have 10,000 miles in your LifeMiles account.

  9. Will the availability of seats that can be redeemed using miles improve?
    Every seat, on every flight will be available for redemption in LifeMiles. No black-outs. Depending on how full the flight is expected to be, miles required for a seat on that flight may increase versus the base rates. But this way, LifeMiles members will always have the option to redeem, or to look for another date.

  10. What are the new benefits of LifeMiles?
    LifeMiles has resolved many of the most common critiques of the members of both AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA. LifeMiles also provides many more ways to earn and enjoy miles than most of our members are currently used to. In addition, LifeMiles provides members with a world-class web-site, where transactions can be done free of charge, using state-of-the-art tools and functionalities. Finally, we hope that our members will notice that LifeMiles will make every effort to make it easy to understand the program, and to help our members to get the most out of it.

  11. What will happen to award/benefit tickets that have been issued and not used?
    All reward tickets issued and not used will be honored as per the terms and conditions of those tickets and the programs they were issued through.

  12. What information do I need to enter the system and continue the process of updating my information?
    To access your account you need your frequent flyer number and the password or PIN that you currently use to access web-based services. If you are a member of both programs you’ll be able to access your LifeMiles account with either your AviancaPlus account information, or your DISTANCIA account information.

  13. What happens if I forget or can’t find my PIN or password?
    You can obtain your password via the processes presently available in LifeMiles.com. Click here to get your password

  14. When I update my data will it be immediately reflected in my frequent flyer account?
    Information updated through this site will be reflected in your account within 48 hours.

  15. My status on the website is appearing as LifeMiles but my card was an AviancaPlus Elite or DISTANCIA HORIZONTE. Why isn´t my status equivalent to my card?
    If you were invited to an elite status on either AviancaPlus or DISTANCIA via a commercial agreement or other kind of invitation, your status on the website may not reflect your final LifeMiles status.  If during 2010 you enjoyed an AviancaPlus Elite or DISTANCIA HORIZONTE status by achieving the status requirements, your status will be honored in 2011.

  16. Is my DISTANCIA debit or credit card still valid?
    Yes, the DISTANCIA credit and debit cobranded cards will continue to be valid until the expiration date printed on the card; by this date, they will be replaced with the new LifeMiles credit and debit cards, according to the contract and regulations currently in force with the issuing bank. You will continue to receive all the benefits, and the miles earned with your current card will be credited in your new LifeMiles account. 

  17. Will I continue earning DISTANCIA Miles with my debit or credit card?
    You will continue earning the same number of miles, but instead of accumulating DISTANCIA miles you will be accumulating LifeMiles, based on what is established by the contract or regulations currently in force by the issuing bank. 

  18. What will happen to my current DISTANCIA Miles balance?
    The current accumulated mileage for each member will be transferred to the improved and consolidated program on one to one ratio, meaning that each traveler’s miles will be transferred in their entirety. 

  19. Do I have to change or renew my debit or credit card?
    No, this is not necessary. The bank will renew your card based on your expiration date, and according to what is established in the contract currently in force between the bank and the customer. 

  20. Will the current benefits provided by my DISTANCIA credit/debit card change?
    No, the benefits offered by your card will not change. You will continue to receive the same benefits that LifeMiles and the bank offer according to the contract and regulations currently in force, but now under the new LifeMiles program. 

  21. Will I continue to enjoy the benefits provided by my card when travelling with TACA Airlines, such as Business class upgrades or VIP lounge access?
    Yes, you will continue to receive the same benefits when traveling, and not just with TACA Airlines for these will be extended when traveling with Avianca as well, under the same policies and regulations currently in force or as established in your contract with the bank issuing your credit/debit card. 

  22. Will I continue to enjoy the promotions provided by my DISTANCIA debit/credit card?
    Yes, the LifeMiles co branded card members will continue to enjoy promotions advertised exclusively for our LifeMiles co branded credit/debit card customers. 

  23. If I already redeemed a certificate or ticket from a previous promotion for a DISTANCIA debit or credit card members, should I resubmit the ticket or redeposit the miles in my LifeMiles account and do the redemption and ticket emission again, to be able to fly?
    No, you don’t have to do the redemption or ticket issuance process again. You can travel with the ticket you already processed. Any date change or redeposit will be done under the LifeMiles terms and conditions, which can be found in www.LifeMiles.com. Similarly, DISTANCIA gift certificates will continue to be valid and accepted by our partners to be redeemed for the desired prize or service. 

  24. Why "LifeMiles"?
    Three main reasons: 
    1. Over time, we hope that LifeMiles will become a way for our members to "live more" through the miles and benefits they accumulate in the program. With this in mind, there are already, and we'll continue to develop, many and new ways you can earn and enjoy your LifeMiles. For example, you can use your LifeMiles to "pay" for entrance into Disney in Orlando, or to "buy" that Ipad you always wanted, but didn't want to splurge for with cash.
    2. We wanted the program name to reflect that it has a world-wide reach. For example, you can use your miles to get to more than 300 destinations around the globe, and that number will increase as we add air partners over time.
    3. Other names didn't have as much appeal as LifeMiles for the customers we spoke with about possible program names.

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