Need more LifeMiles

Transfer LifeMiles to another Member

Miles have many purposes when they are brought to life. Some of them were born just for you to enjoy them your way and many others to be shared with that special someone.

At LifeMiles you can transfer your miles to a family member or friend so they can accomplish their next traveling adventure. And in case you are the one in need of some extra miles, you can ask someone to give them to you as a present.

And before you share some love through miles, we want to inform you:

  • You can transfer up to LM 75,000 each calendar year between LifeMiles account members for only USD$15 + taxes for every group of LM 1,000
  • Transferred miles can’t be reimbursed, therefore we won’t be able to return them to the original account
  • Once you have transderred the miles, you will receive a confirmation email. In case you don’t, please call our Call Center so we can assist you.

So, who are you sharing your LifeMiles with?