Your Cenit Status

Your Elite Status and Benefits

You´ll enjoy your Elite member status more if you actively manage your LifeMiles account. In this section we´ve made it easier for you to do that

Avianca and LifeMiles created CENIT, a special recognition to their most valuable members, making the Elite benefits permanent for them, without the risk of ever losing your Elite status, if for any reason, you can´t fly with the same frequency.



When you reach one million qualifying miles (miles flown with Avianca and AeroGal, plus fare family bonuses offered by each one) you will earn the LifeMiles Gold Elite status permanently. Also, when you reach two million qualifying miles, you will earn the LifeMiles Diamond Elite status for the rest of your life. Your information about the requirements here available, are updated every month. After requirements are fulfilled, CENIT recognition will be acknowledged the following month.

Required miles
Permanent Benefit