• Lafam company with 25 years of experience in the visual health market, offers big variety of products and services, such as laser surgery, frames, eyeglasses, sunglasses and more.
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LM1 for each USD1 spent
Minimum redemption of COP30,000


Participating stores

  Address City Country
  Cra. 15 N. 17-47 Edificio Sebring Loc.3 Armenia Colombia
  C.C. Yuldana Cra. 14 N. 18-02 Loc.2 Armenia Colombia
  Avenida Bolívar Cra. 11 No. 19n-38 Armenia Colombia
  Cra. 52 80-43 Barranquilla Colombia
  C.C. Buenavista Loc. 3 Barranquilla Colombia
  C.C. Andino Loc. 283 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Ave Chile Loc. 128 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Ave Chile Loc. 102 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Bulevar Niza Loc. 190 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Calima Loc. A 118 Bogota Colombia
  Jumbo Cra. 30 Loc. 233-234 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Centro Chía Loc.1204 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Centro Mayor Loc. 1-012 Bogota Colombia
  Cra. 15 91-50 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. El Retiro Loc. 113 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Gran Estación Loc. 1-84 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Gran Estación Loc. 1-72 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Gran Estación Loc. 2-05 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Hayuelos Loc. 1-88 Bogota Colombia
  Jumbo Hayuelos Loc. 31/32 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Iserra 100 Loc. 103 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Metrópolis Loc. 163 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Galerías Loc. 1018/1019 Bogota Colombia
  Cra. 21 24-92 Sur Bogota Colombia
  Jumbo Cra. 30 Loc. 14 Bogota Colombia
  Jumbo Cll. 80 loc. 22 Bogota Colombia
  AvCll.  19 140-49 Bogota Colombia
  AvCll.  19 104-89 Bogota Colombia
  Jumbo Bosa Loc. 18 Bogota Colombia
  Cll. 67 9-86 Bogota Colombia
  Cll.  100 18a-66 Bogota Colombia
  AvCll.  19 8-69 Bogota Colombia
  AvCll.  19 9-09 Bogota Colombia
  AvCll.  19 10-41 Bogota Colombia
  Cll. 46a 85a-51 Loc. 10 Bogota Colombia
  Transversal 71 D No. 6-94 Sur Loc.1025 Bogota Colombia
  Cll. 138 50-50 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Palatino Loc. 129 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Plaza Américas Loc. 1915 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Plaza Américas Loc. 1216 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Plaza Imperial Loc. 1-10 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Portal 80 Loc. 2-123 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Mi centro Porvenir Cll. 57 F Sur 93c-18 Loc. 1-40/41 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Salitre Plaza Loc. 2-55 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Salitre Plaza Loc. 1-23 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Santa Ana Loc. 205 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Santafé Loc. 1-33 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Santafé Loc. 2-97 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Santafé Loc.1-33 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Titán Plaza Loc. 1-059 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Ciudad Tunal Loc. 1108 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Loc. 1-092 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Loc. 2-029 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Loc. 2-201 Bogota Colombia
  C.C. Cacique Transversal 93 No. 34-193 Loc.225 Bucaramanga Colombia
  C.C. Cañaveral Cra. 25 N. 29-87 Loc.235 Bucaramanga Colombia
  C.C La Quinta – Bucaramanga Loc.401 Bucaramanga Colombia
  C.C Leganal Loc. 40 Y 41 Segundo Nivel Bucaramanga Colombia
  C.C. Calima La 14 Cra. 1a Calle 70 Cali Colombia
  C.C. Cosmocentro Calle 5 N. 50-103 Loc.2-33 Cali Colombia
  C.C. Jardín Plaza Calle 38 A No. 6n – 35 Loc.49 Cali Colombia
  C.C. Los Profesionales Loc.102 Cali Colombia
  Ave 5a Nte. 21n-07 Cali Colombia
  Jumbo Cra.98 Loc. 10 Cali Colombia
  Éxito Autopista Simón Bolívar Loc.110 Cali Colombia
  C.C. Chipichape Loc.144 Cali Colombia
  C.C. Centenario Loc.116 Cali Colombia
  C.C. Palmetto Plaza Loc.158 Cali Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Cali # 179 Cali Colombia
  Ave P/Heredia 69-75 local 3 Cartagena Colombia
  Cra. 4 Y 5 N. 8-07 Plazoleta Guadalupe Cartago Colombia
  Jumbo Girardot Loc. 114 Girardot Colombia
  Ave Jordan 80-60 Stand 46 Ibague Colombia
  Cra. 5 Multicentro - Ibagué Loc.202 Ibague Colombia
  C.C. Cable Plaza Cra. 23 N. 65-11 Loc. 104 - 105 Manizales Colombia
  C.C. Sancancio Loc.827 Manizales Colombia
  Cra. 23 N. 19-47 Manizales Colombia
  Cra. 22 N. 27-34 Manizales Manizales Colombia
  C.C. Fundadores Loc.122-1 Manizales Colombia
  Jumbo la 65 Loc. 2 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. San Diego Loc. 111 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. El Tesoro Loc.1327 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Mayorca Sabaneta Loc.3195 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Molinos Loc.1012 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Puerta Del Norte Bello Loc. 107 - 108 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Sucre 68 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Oviedo Loc.3110 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Premium Plaza Loc.1259 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. San Diego Loc.1116 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Santa Fe Loc. 1150 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Loc. 068 Medellin Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Loc.125 Medellin Colombia
  Almacén Éxito Neiva Loc. 16 Neiva Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Palmira Loc.145 Palmira Colombia
  Cra.7 No.21-64 Pereira Pereira Colombia
  C.C. Ciudad Victoria Loc. 331 – C Pereira Colombia
  Cra. 7 N. 21-68 Pereira Colombia
  C.C. Ciudad Victoria Loc.102 Pereira Colombia
  Calle 22 N. 6-62 Pereira Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Pereira Loc. 2b-68 y 2b-67 Pereira Colombia
  Almacén Éxito V/cencio Cll. 7 45-185 Villavicencio Colombia
  C.C. Unicentro Loc. 250 Villavicencio Colombia


Terms and conditions

  • Accrual and redemption transactions are performed through POS terminals so you must present your LifeMiles membership card when purchasing and your card must be enabled. Enable your card now.
  • Accrual transactions must be performed at the same time of purchase of products or services, in consequence, retroactive claims are not permitted.
  • To redeem your miles, you must enter your PIN in the POS terminal. You can create or modify your PIN in your LifeMiles account profile.
  • A minimum purchase of COP30,000 applies to redeem LifeMiles
  • Redemptions don´t generate mileage accrual.
  • The value, by which miles are accrued, doesn´t include taxes.
  • Accruals don´t apply for gift certificates, credit notes nor vouchers.
  • The Participant Business is solely responsible for proper accrual and redemption of miles on the member’s account. All complaints due to failure or error in the accrual or redemption of miles should be addressed directly to Participant Business where the purchase was made, presenting the transaction voucher as proof of transaction.
  • Additional term and conditions related to the accrual and redemption of miles using the Membership Card or codes generated by the mobile application apply; you can check these terms here.
  • From January 28th, 2016, your miles are worth more when redeemed.

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